Dislocation Inspiration

In June/July this year Marina Abramovic brought her very unique self to Sydney for 12 days in her Kaldor Public Art Project No 30, Marina Abramovic: In Residence.

This Week's Photographs Brought To You By Blue

Whether it's the contrast, the destination, the above and the below, the contemplation of distant horizons or the blue-black of night... This week, Blue has been our constant companion.

Curves and Inspiration

Each instrument, particularly unique or crafted-with-love instruments, inspire their own music when you pick them up and start to play.

Various Ishes of an Oil Hibiscus

Carnevale Venezia-ish, sunset-ish, celebrating with champagne-ish, sea shells by the sea shore-ish, distracted gaze-ish .... and more-ish.

Talk About the Weather

I talk about the weather when - 1, 2, 3... Record-breaking HOT... unseeable currents. Lovely, lovely, lovely... And in the storm clouds...

Afternoon Sun on Early Spring Branches

It was a freezing afternoon in early Spring.

Some Days

Some days make no reference to sunsets or birds. Others do. Some days are roads and traffic, or maybe trains. Some days are appointments you made months ago. Some days are so similar to other days you're not quite sure if you've slept. Some days are inside all day without windows. Some days you are standing directly under a huge, magnificent sky; but forget to look up. Some days make no reference to sunsets or birds. Others do.

Point of View

Separate events, but same ballpark. You could say, "Oh yeah, another hibiscus", or you could try a different angle, move your focus or illuminate it with new light, and maybe change your point of view.


You know it has been raining A LOT recently when that 40-second walk from the car to the front door takes... well, a lot longer. Even once you are inside the house 'they' are still hovering before your eyes.

Bluebottles. Beware.

I believe there are landlubbers among you - those who prefer not to venture to the oceans or the beaches that bind us to them. I don't understand you. But as a common courtesy I offer this warning...

The Memory of Water

Infinitely elegant is the language of water - revealing its memories, hopes and dreams with precision and melody. Each tiny drop resonant with life. Every grain of sand placed perfectly. These are the stories of this world....

Elephant Eggs

When a five year old lets you join in 'drawing a picture', sharing a few minutes of their delightful artistic logic and the resulting magic that appears on a sheet of A2 paper, chances are it will happily challenge the well-worn pathways your brain uses for every-day thinking...

Thief steals Mick Harvey encore .... nearly.

Mick Harvey had finished his set and while the audience was cheering for more he was, apparently, out back checking the footy scores. Well, you know, fair enough. On returning to the stage he discovered a souvenir acquirer - a much more accurate title than thief, but a headline's a headline - had swiped the set list. On this list was also the only copy of the settings for the various musical accoutrement involved, and Mick was having nothing of it. We knew he meant business because...

This Is Not My Dog

My iPhone 4 has been problematic in not being able to receive picture messages. It's apparently fine sending them, but useless receiving. So every now and then, after lengthy discussions with my service provider, I ambush people mid conversation, and ask them to try sending me a picture to see if it's working yet. It's not. Not 95% of the time anyway. One of the random successful five percent occurrences is how I came to have the above photo of Molly, and every time I see it I smile....

Tribute to Don Van Vliet, AKA Captain Beefheart

On December 20, Don Van Vliet passed away of Multiple Sclerosis, age 69. There has been talk of him being ill for many years now, and so another legend passes.

Don had an unconventional upbringing. He never had to attend school and was considered an oddball. As a child he was equally interested in music, painting and sculpture. It’s quite likely he could have been an artist first but the social climate at the time was centred more on music...

What You Don't See

What you don't see from this photograph is the wind - fierce and invisible. Fierce and invincible. It is screaming and squalling, causing me to hold on tight to my camera, consciously balancing. Leaning against a wall and holding steady.

Somewhere in the distance it slows...

Winter In Sydney

Well, winter is on its way out so I thought it's time to write about what has been going on in Sydney over that period.

Since its inception last year, the Vivid Festival has been quite a success with cultural events around Sydney. Brian Eno was the curator for the first one. I did get a chance to hear him speak and he still thinks in a very lateral way about art, music and climate change. One of his clever ideas from many years ago was to create a deck of cards called Oblique Strategies. When one got stuck on, say, a project, you pull a card out...

enchanted by Francesca

Tonight I attended the Depot Gallery II for the latest solo exhibition 'enchanted' by the very lovely and extremely talented Francesca Raft. In her own words, "I am fascinated by the simplicity in light, color and form… the landscape, the essence of nature… the resonating beauty that makes one feel and experience the desire of belonging and possibility… I strive to capture this in paint".

Working every possible moment on the recordings that Aqualash will be releasing in August...

Life's What You Make It

Last week at work, a colleague walked in with a cloud of gloom shadowing his eyes, his head and shoulders bent forward under the weight of his foreboding. "I understand, and sometimes I feel the same way about that," I said. "But life's what you make it. Hey, remember the song?".

He didn't, and I couldn't remember which 80s band…. (Talk Talk)

The next day was my birthday. A friend sent me the latest Rowland S. Howard album, "Pop Crimes", as he knows I am a loving fan, and I was devastated to learn that Rowland passed away at the end of last year. And there at track #3 is Rowland's cover of "Life's What You Make It"...

I love Jeff Beck + my new big wish.

I love Jeff Beck. I love his music. I LOVE the way he plays guitar. It's nice to be in love.

At his concert in Sydney last night, the band was fantastic as well (Narada Michael Walden on drums, Rhonda Smith on bass and Jason Rebello on keyboards) but wow, the way that man plays his guitar - the incredible tone, the sweetness….

It's not new news to any Jeff Beck fan, and there were many, many adoring, elated people in the Enmore Theatre last night, but no matter how many times you hear it, to be in the audience and hear it all live, well, it just makes you want to say it all over again - the incredible tone, the sweetness, the stunning melodies...

So now I have a new, big wish...

Aqualash Soundtrack Music

At the moment we have been listening to pieces that were recorded and put away - ideas, sketches, full pieces and instrumental tracks.

We have had music used in a number of short films and documentaries, and have many more pieces perfect for that medium.

So we are editing and remixing the existing tracks and giving them their own film and TV page, both on our website (coming soon!) and on ReverbNation - up and running right now!

We have also been submitting to various licencing sites...

January Escapades

Hey folks It’s been a fast start to the new year, as soon as I got back from my camping adventure there were a number of shows waiting.

Firstly, with Belle Phoenix. She’s a singer songwriter from Sydney, now living in Germany. She was back for Christmas and decided to do some shows. I have played with her occasionally over the last 2 years and this time we played at the Landsdowne hotel in Broadway, Sydney, and I had the chance afterwards to check out the Sydney festival opening night, which was massive....

New Years Music Calendar

This is the first blog for 2010 so I thought rather than writing what happened last year, I will focus on what’s ahead.

Firstly the festival of Sydney will be having their opening night with numerous stages scattered around Hyde Park and The Domain (in central Sydney) with the Reverend Al Green headlining.

Last year Grace Jones was the headliner and Brian Wilson the year before that.

There are a lot of other acts coming for the Sydney festival, like Martin Medeski and Wood which are playing at the famous Spiegel tent and the Marcin Wasilewski Trio from Poland.

Also coming in March is the legendary Jeff Beck who was here only 18 months ago....