Aqualash Music

AQUALASH is Trip-Hop* Dream-Pop*. Often Minimalist but not really because even the smoothest and purest sounds are constructed with subtle layers and the space in between them. Sometimes we’re loud and the guitars are distorted and still there are layers. Landscapes. Breaths. Could be esoteric if that’s what you’re into. Also identifiable as a sort of textured pop. Maybe. However you hear it, we do independent releases and compose music and soundscapes for film and TV.

Aqualash is Sarah Lorien and Michael Trifunovic, and our currently-very-nearly-finished album has been way longer coming than anticipated. Finally we can confirm a release for 2024. At the moment Sarah is swooning over Michael’s guitar lines and Michael is frowning back at her, wishing she’d just get on with it and finish the lyrics. It will all happen in perfect timing.

Some more of our music

Space Cowboys
You know when you gaze into the night sky and find yourself reeling with the infinite possibilities… This song is about wishing for fantastic adventures to be had by hitching a ride on the next shooting star – the next Space Cowboy.

Try (Just a Little Bit Harder) 
Yes, you know this song well. Really well. But it may take a verse or two to recognise on first listen. One of our favourites as performed by Janis Joplin, Try (Just a Little Bit Harder) was our first cover release, and while it remains completely intact, is now distinctly Aqualashian.

Strange Victory 
Released while visiting New York – her city of dreams – in 2012, Strange Victory was Sarah Lorien’s debut solo release. It is the sound of anger-tinged heartache in that raw, dissecting-the-details stage of a break up. Just be sure to follow it up with listening to I’m Not Sorry from the CD “Aqualash” because the deliciously nonplussed peace of being SO over it is just around the corner. “Your every word, your very name, are to my heart as Novocaine.”

Blue Notes EP
The “Blue Notes” EP title is a tribute to the legendary Blue Note label.  Although the music isn’t necessarily Jazz, it carries a spirit of quality and innovation, of emotive musical textures. “Blue Notes” has two electric and two acoustic songs which highlight the broad brush strokes of the Aqualash palette.

Movie Soundtrack

In 2011 our song They Say Surrender from the Blue Notes EP was placed in the cult horror-comedy film “The Revenant”. Fans of the film from all over the world have contacted us to say how much they love the song and it’s very cool to be part of that community. If The Revenant brought you here, Welcome! “They Say Surrender” is also on the soundtrack album for the film and we’re in great company there!